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Should I Keep My College Student on My Auto Insurance Policy?

If your child, who is no longer a child anymore, has recently gone off to college to embark on this new chapter of their life, you might be wondering whether you should keep them on [...]

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Mississippi Woman Sues Pepperidge Farm After Being Hospitalized for Salmonella

On July 23rd, Pepperidge Farm issued a recall for several of its Goldfish crackers after the company suspected certain varieties of the crackers contained salmonella. While many individuals were able to discard or return the [...]

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After a Mom Texted Her Husband to Correct How Their Infant was Buckled in His Car Seat, They Were Involved in a Wreck Shortly After

Rebecca Tafaro Boyer was headed back to work after spending the first three months with her newborn son on maternity leave. Boyer works as a nurse in Memphis and while it is always hard to [...]

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Are Autonomous Motorcycles Something We Can Expect in the Near Future?

If you’re on the fence about self-driving cars, it may concern you even more to learn that self-driving motorcycles may one day be sharing the roadway with other drivers. In fact, some prototype models have [...]

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