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MS Teen Killed After Colliding into Tanker on Highway 13 the Day After She Graduated

A recent study revealed that Mississippi is the deadliest state for fatal car crashes and a recent accident contributes to why this statistic now exists. On May 18th, just a day after the Forrest County [...]

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Has There Been in a Decrease in the Number of Distracted Driving Fatalities?

With more innovative vehicles being manufactured and cell phone apps offering settings that help decrease user engagement while driving, you would think we would see an increase in roadway safety and less distracted drivers. Unfortunately, [...]

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Tips to Help Keep You Safe When Traveling Through Construction Zones

The Mississippi Highway Patrol (MHP) has reported that there have been a number of accidents occurring recently in Madison, MS around work zones simply because drivers aren’t taking the necessary precautions they should be as [...]

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Elements to Prove After a Car Accident Due to Poor Road Conditions

There are countless factors that contribute to car accidents: drunk driving, distracted driving, speeding – the list goes on. In some cases, though, the cause of a crash is not driver negligence but poor road [...]

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How Can You Prove Liability After a Commercial Truck Accident?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, thousands of truck drivers sustain injuries in motor vehicle collisions annually, and the vast majority of these accidents are caused by driver errors. Commercial drivers are [...]

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Motorist Forces Another Vehicle into Building and Strikes Pedestrian Before Fleeing the Scene

According to WDAM, a strange hit-and-run collision that may have been the result of road rage left one pedestrian injured late last month. Jackson police are investigating the troubling incident, which occurred on the 900 [...]

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