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Jackson’s Mayor Says City Failed to Secure Manhole Cover Which Resulted in a Fatal Accident Involving an 18-Year Old

One family’s nightmare became their reality after their daughter was killed in a preventable crash in Jackson, MS. It was early in the afternoon on May 18th when Frances Anne Fortner, 18, was driving along [...]

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How Does Each Hour of Sleep You Miss Affect Your Ability to Drive?

Sleeping is an essential part of life. You need it to regain the energy you exerted the previous day, or night if you work evenings, and it helps your body to function properly the next [...]

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Did You Know That the Most Preventable, Accidental Deaths Occur in July and August?

While many individuals anxiously wait for the summer months to arrive just so they can enjoy some sun, take a vacation, or relax a little bit while their children are out of school, the summer [...]

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Gas Station in Mississippi Catches Shocking Footage of Speeding Driver Go Out of Control

With cameras allowing us to catch unexpected moments that are worth filming and the internet giving us the ability to share these clips, many are often able to see what is going on around the [...]

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Construction Worker in Mississippi Falls 15 Feet After Structure Collapses

The construction industry is one the most dangerous fields to work in. The fact is, many construction workers are placed to work on sites that are risky and sometimes compromising to their safety. One of [...]

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