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Ballard Law, PLLC William E. Ballard

Has someone you love lost their life because of someone else’s negligence? If so, you may have a claim. These type of claims are known as wrongful death claims.  Under Mississippi law, certain family members can bring wrongful death claim against a person or corporation that wrongfully caused their loved ones death.  There are many different types of accidents that give rise to wrongful death claims. These include but are not limited to car accidents, truck accidents, boating accidents, pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice, and deaths caused by dangerous and defective products.  Attorney William Ballard has experience in handling wrongful death claims.  If your loved one has died, and you believe it was someone else’s fault, then contact Wrongful Death Attorney William E. Ballard to discuss your claim free of charge.  There are certain time limitations that can bar your claim so call Attorney Ballard today.


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